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Welcome to no fuel. Europe is really wealthy in wind resources and can be able to power the whole continent. With the incoming crisis having wind powered energy can be an excellent solution.

Best Strategy Video Games Of All Time

League of Angels was released in 2003 for the Browser and instantly became a cult smack. The ultra deep turn-based strategy gameplay along with a wacky story line filled with charming characters drew associated with hardcore fans to the series.  First could be the all out type tournament player.

This mmo player will, if playing no limit, go all-in fairly often. This player wants to either score a ton of chips fast to set him or her up for the tournament or go out quickly.   Nearly any Popcan game should powered by a netbook, they’re new games, attempt not to require dedicated graphics graphic cards.

League of Angels is a fantastic mmo, an individual build fields of plants to defend your house from wave after wave of zombie attack. Definitely have to play it to determine how thrilling addictive the bingo can end up. Popcan offers both a downloadable and online demo about the website!


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LOA Dark Hero Days is the PSP port to the Browser games 2 hit, League of angels game. The sequel plays like your typical turn-wartune game. Nonetheless does feature several unique elements in order to League of Angels like the court system, stack attacks, throw & catch ability plus more.

These added features made LOA onto an unique title compared additional games your market genre.  LOA Cursed Memories also showed up on in 2006. Cherish the first game, the sequel will be ported to the Browser games portable. Here are a few why you should buy LOA close to the PSP taking into consideration out during early September.  However players also use League of Angels cheats, which can provide you with many resources like: coins, diamonds and  also VIP.

How to use Growtopia Cheats



Your first few hours spent in the world of Growtopia make a good impression. Mixing the grid-based tactical building of a classic RPG with beautifully blustery environment and a slickly animated cast of clever enemies makes for an encouragingly unique game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for you to notice that farming gems and other resource whiles trying to avoid other players can be a quite hard task to manage. You take control of various structures, but be careful they doesn’t get destroyed overnight.

For some unknown reason, the enemy players really like go after you and if you don’t manage to build a proper defence for your world it can easily get destroyed. My tips of the day for you is, to wait as your retinues cross the side-scrolling landscape, and gather as much gems and other resources you need to build up your world with a proper defence. Outside of combat this very much feels like Minecraft. There’s the barest of illusions of control when certain characters leave or are killed due to your decisions.

These choices feel arbitrary though, with little indication given as to where each option leads. Too often you’re left guessing, so that when enemies temper hits the fan it rarely feels avoidable or even fair. While the world’s lore is effectively delivered through a gorgeous map screen, much of what is actually going on remains frustratingly ambiguous. Frustrating, not because it’s confusing (which it is), but because the narrative shifts from character to character without giving any of them enough time or space to breathe.

It also throws out a constant stream of unknowable lore references. Gems? Extra? Seeds? What are these things and why should we care about them? These are the main resources you should be looking for while exploring the Growtopia world. Each has it’s own purpose and I suggest you to gather all of them because they will come in handy. Pay a special attention to gems as they are the most important one. And then we come to the combat. The first few hours are spent learning how to hide and spot enemies, and realising what terms matter the most. In battle, each player has both Armour and Strength meters.

The depletion of the former is the only way to hack effectively at the latter so there’s a neat balancing act that you have to perform, all while maintaining your tactical advantage through positioning. After five or six hours, however, you’re ready for the game to start opening up and for it to let you effectively customise your party. But it never does. You are limited to a single special ability, most of which doesn’t do much damage. I would suggest you to also pay a little bit of attention to cheaters as they have a very huge advantage. They are using Growtopia gem hack, which allows them to gather resources very quickly. You want to avoid those, and build your world as far away as possible, or perhaps find a friendly neighbour with whom you can team up against the cheating enemies.

Guide describing One Piece Treasure Cruise – Gameplay information

One Piece Treasure Cruise is the very best kind of surprise. Thanks to a BANDAI NAMCO’s release we all One Piece lovers have a game once again which follows the story we enjoyed since we were kids growing up, watching daily great episodes of the pirate serie. This nifty little mobile game can claim to be the pick on the current Android and iOS devices.

The adventure begins with youngster Luffy, of the Straw Hat gang, inadvertently throwing his younger brother Sabo on a boat and sail into another dimension before leaping after him to stage a rescue. What follows is an effortlessly charming and magical side-scrolling journey that dishes up some of the best pure pirate story games we’ve sampled since Windward. The simple fight and progress style rapidly evolves into a complex grind of Belis as Luffy’s body gains the power to evolve and gain the skill Gum-Gum Bazooka, which lets him attack very fast with both his gummy hands.


These mechanics are unlockable by making progress thorugh the game and farming Belis. Belis are one of the most important resources to get in One Piece Treasure Cruise, as they let you unlock strong characters and evolve them into furious fighters. The result of half-a-dozen hours of of those can make your character quite impressive and dangerous. There’s nothing particularly new-gen about the game but that doesn’t matter: there’s not a minute of filler on show. Every game mechanic is used to its fullest and with the exception of a couple of cheap mechanics, Luffy’s journey through oceans and lands ticks every box in the pirate playbook.

Earning gems in the fights can help you unlocking new characters for the Straw Hut gang, which helps you when Luffy is defeated and you need a second fighter. A quick tip I can give you is that when there are special events for Beli or gem farming, make use of them and gather as many as possible. They appear randomly and each time the event is a different type. These events are so dappy that we wish they comprised the whole game, but they make for excellent rewards for playing more traditional challenges.

The only major downside – apart from seeing how much gems we gathered is that they really don’t appear too often. Before you start this game I have to warn you that you should have time to play it, as making progress through the game can be very time consuming. Another hint I can give you is that there are various services out there which are called One Piece Treasure Cruise cheats. These services allow you to gain resources in no time, as they generate resources on your account. You can find them at this website, but use them only if you are short on time, else I really suggest you to play the game without them as you will experience the whole game much more.

A day in the Gangstar Vegas world

New update Vegas Drift is one of the highlights of Gangstar Vegas, which made the game really popular in terms of user base, many players joining each day. A 24-year-old beanie-wearing member of the Vegas gang, Jason Malone is the surprisingly likeable roguish type, resplendent with a chain bracelet, tattoos and a silver-tongue to both charm allies and zing enemies. After running away from the box fight, Jason Malone acquires powers that instantly marginalise him from the city he grew up in.

Vegas Department of Unified Protection (DUP) brand the likes of Jason as “street thug”. Jason Malone’s adventure begins when Frank, a powerful mafia boss, threatens to kill him after betrayal after the box fight. Realising he can’t escape his wrath, Jason Malone begins a quest to acquire connections in Vegas in a bid to save himself. Joining him is old friend E-Man, highly connected criminal who is wanted for trafficking. Jason Malone’s power is a source of conflict between him and Frank.

Many street thugs in Vegas doesn’t like him and would gladly see Frank gone. The gameplay is sharp and the voice acting by Sam Verner(Jason Malone) and Ben Wilson (E-Man) is excellent. The main story is tied to meeting other criminals, each of which prove to be interesting in their own way. Frank Veliano is killing off drug dealers for reasons I won’t spoil, while another tangles with anxiety and trust issues. The right hand, Benny, is Frank’s most trusted person, who does anything he says.

The broad strokes of Gangstar Vegas gameplay are the same as in the previous MMO games: using connections to bound gangs and eliminate enemies, completing various go-to-kill-that missions, making good or evil moral decisions, and hunting down Frank that unlock new skills (which is as satisfying as ever).   Three updates in, it’s not unfair to expect new ingredients to be thrown into the mix, but what this mobile game goes for instead is a few small and smart tweaks.

The platforming is more about sweeping leaps and soaring glides. Manually scaling buildings is both inefficient and unintuitive; using your powers to get around is essential, and it’s where the game really shines. Buildings in the world are thoughtfully designed around Jason Malone for his hidings.

With the help of E-Man, players can pay him and receive backup instantly. Jason Malone can escape his faith only by being smart and not making too many mistakes while choosing allies. By progressing and achieving a high level, Jason Malone can turn his body into beams of light and travel at rapid speed. At the end game you can unlock a very special weapon which we won’t spoil the name for. The main resources in Gangstar Vegas are coins, skill points and keys.

If you want you can try out this Gangstar Vegas hack to gain them quickly. We really suggest you to try the game, as it can be the best game this year for mobile devices. Don’t forget to try out cheats for Gangstar Vegas if you don’t have time to grind all those resources needed to make progress.

Boost Moviestarplanet with these tips

If Moviestarplanet is to be the standard by which gaming will be judged, we anticipate a long and successful string of classic adventure games coming our way from msp crew. In truth, it’ll be a few months until we get the complete tool for moviestarplanet to know for sure – the project’s aims swelled so much in the wake of the fund-raising that the game was split into two Acts to minimise the wait for people itching to play something – but even this half-game helping is enough to send us tumbling head over heels in love with moviestarplanet newest universe.

The point-and-click adventure is split into two story threads, which you can leap between at will. First up is that of Meli, a teenage girl  who’s destined to be famous. In Moviestarplanet world this is both normal and honourable, but she has other ideas and so must have best clothes and follow it up with a scheme to deal with the potentially bad decisions of her actions.

Another tale follows a similarly aged boy named Bajo. He lives alone in a small town, but wants to become famous just as meli. He will need many starcoins, fame to get there.

Like Meli, Bajo isn’t too happy with the hand he’s been dealt and starts to question what would happen if he strayed from his routines to live life on his own terms. Given the studio’s pedigree, people will be clamouring to know how Moviestar compares with the likes of others. The simple answer is that msp’s first act is to shoot a quality movie which players will enjoy watching and talking about it, so probably Bajo will have to make many more great movies to gain enough fame among other players.


3 hours from start to finish (that movie was a bit longer but thats fine) and with no real deal of complexity to speak of, it’s a brief experience even when considered as just one half of a greater whole. But it’s also one of the most beautifully drawn, sweetly written and magically captivating game for teenagers you will ever have the pleasure of trying.

Both can claim more belly laughs per hour than others, but Moviestarplanet approach to comedy provides four hours of non-stop smiles and sniggers it’s impossible not to find endearing. The lack of tricky puzzles won’t test the brains of genre veterans, but neither will it wipe off grins by frustrating you and halting progress as you try all items with all environment features.

In fact, there’s surprisingly little in the way of item-gathering – inventories never become bloated with more than half a dozen bits of clothing. Instead, Moviestarplanet has content to let its conversations entertain and enthrall: the mark of a development team who know their script is best-in-class material.

And delivering said script are some special voice acting performances: the likes of all  the players, but it’s the lesser known actors who truly shine. having  enough diamonds, starcoins and fame can be further drilled into by a Moviestarplanet cheats, sure to stay in the memory. Of course, the full game won’t be finished until you are really the best, but this half is so uplifting an experience that you’d be foolish not to start your journey with other players.

What is the Blitz Brigade hype all about?

After taking the mobile gaming world by storm as a update Assassin’s Creed: Pirates, acclaimed shooter game Blitz Brigade has finally become a standalone game. Masterminds at Gameloft have released it as an early access alpha on Android and iOS devices, with a notice that the players can finally enjoy the new updated weapons. And they surely do, because they have released a whole new set. From Sinner, Bishop MLG, Tringo, Chainsaw, floor, to crazy weapons such as Triglav, Betty and the list goes on. it’s clear that they did awesome work. It’s testament to Blitz Brigade’s compelling systems that, this state, it’s a superb, unique game.

When you start a new game you’re dumped randomly on a map of DeathMatch or Dominion, a 6 versus 6 match takes place that is filled with cool obstacles where you can freely hide. What you do next is up to you. There are no objectives or goals other than those you make yourself. Staying alive is a priority, and playing smart while taking out your enemies is key to survival. From the start very few weapons were available but in this new patch of the map almost every class has many weapon to choose from. There are five classes, soldier, gunner, medic, sniper stealth and special.

This makes the environment feel much better and the weapons choice is much varied now. There’s much more to do now, including a vast array of clothing, from military gear to very high detailed elegant suits. As ever, diamond and coins are scarce, and you’ll spend much of your time running around with a hard body armor for protection. Leveling up depends on how good you are, if you are good or lucky and manage to get many kills in each battle, you can level up quickly and unlock new content while still having up and improving your skill. They’ll kill you without thinking, and you’ll be back to square one:On the spawn, with no good position to take cover or your team mates there to assist you.

The HUD has been improved, replacing the RPG-style meters of the mod (ammo, health) with messages that express your character’s needs: I will hunt you, U have you on my sight, you are done,” etc. which you can see here:

But what makes Blitz Brigade really interesting is its social dynamic. The enemies are dangerous and it only takes a few hits to kill you, but it’s other players you really have to look out for. My first life in Blitz Brigade I was cornered by three players wearing full military gear and pointing high-powered rifles at us. I was surely they were using Blitz Brigade hack, because the game was just new and it was impossible to gear up that quick. When I found the Blitz Brigade cheats afterwards, i was really amazed how good they work. I still wanted to share it with you, in case you get upset while having no chance versus those cheaters. Blitz Brigade is a ruthless place, and you’ll experience the very worst of human behaviour. enormous advantage can be a challenge in itself.

Should you try Blitz Brigade now? That depends on how much patience you have. There’s fun to be had here, and it’s one of the most original and hardcore online mobile games, but you’ll have to endure a lot of glitches and unfair deaths.

blitz brigade

No Fuel Mission


Our mission is as follow:

external energy dependence

 energy imports

 fuel costs

 fuel price risk





 resource constraints

 CO2 emissions

 radioactive waste

We all know that there is a fuel crisis in Europe due to the Russian affairs and that’s why our team mainly focus on getting unlimited supply of fuel for whole Europe. We know that it will be hard  to achieve any kind of improvement but we believe in ourselves and our powerful windmill design. Above you can see all the positive features that will be included into our project. So far we got  some major supporters which names we cannot announce yet. The project is going to be tried once again, after many years of debating the best way to approach the whole situation. We believe to  help Europe in major ways by 2017, not only providing better fuel, also cheaper and more safer. If you got any questions or you want to support us, feel free to. Together we can make a difference,  starting today. Due to all the things going on at the moment, specially in Europe we think this issue could get far worse and we might see soon some real problems regarding this topic. We will be  posting updates, so feel free to follow us.